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Question: What is a bail bond?
A bail bond is a legal instrument with the same cash value as the amount it is written for. The bail bond guarantees to the court that the accused (Defendant) will appear each and every time he or she is so ordered by the court.

Question: How may I obtain a bail bond?
A bail bond may be obtained for the release of the accused upon qualifying the indemnitor (co-signer) of the bond. The indemnitor enters into a contractual agreement and guarantees the defendant's appearance in court. In addition, collateral in the form of real property, cash on hand, letter of credit, money market accounts, stocks, etc.., may be used to secure the bail bond.

Question: How much does it cost for a bail bond?
The premium due upon posting bail is 10% of the total bail amount. We also have a discounted rate (8%) filing for those who meet certain requirements. All rates are approved by the California Department of Insurance.

Question: Is collateral always necessary?
NO. Our company's discretionary underwriting of the bail bond is on an individual case by case basis. Signature Bail Bonds are available and are based solely on risk factors.

Question: When is collateral returned?
The collateral is returned upon the exoneration of the bail bond. Once the bail bond is exonerated by the court, all parties are relieved of liability for that bond. Written documentation from the court clerk must follow prior to the release of any collateral. Upon receiving the "bail bond discharge certificate", collateral will be IMMEDIATELY released.

Question: Is the premium refundable?
NO. The bail bond premium is fully earned upon the defendant's release or transportation to another jurisdiction.

Question: Do you accept payments?
YES. We do have a payment plan available for individuals that meet certain credit requirements.

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