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San Diego County is located in the most southwest corner of California and its southern border is Mexico. The northwest corner of San Diego County is adjacent Orange County and as such, Fastrak Bail Bonds, Inc., home office is located only 40 minutes from San Diego County. This proximity allows Fastrak Bail Bonds, Inc. to quickly respond to our clients’ bail bond needs in the Superior Court of California San Diego County.

As a licensed bail bond agency and a national leading provider of bail bonds, Fastrak Bail Bonds, Inc., will provide discreet, confidential, and professional service for criminal bail bonds, state bail bonds, federal bail bonds, felony bail bonds, domestic bail bonds, traffic bail bonds and immigration bail bonds.

Please visit our San Diego County Courthouses Resources page for courthouse addresses, phone numbers, and more. Additional San Diego County information we provide includes: San Diego County Jail Facilities and San Diego County Police Departments

Even if you do not have the pleasure of living in Southern California, because we are appointed by the HCC Surety Group we have access to a nationwide network of bail bond agents.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. Fastrak Bail Bonds is your Professional Choice for Bail ®.

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